Bulk Reload / Trans Load:  Venell Farms offers over 10 acres of usable space as well as covered storage for products that need protection from the elements.  Facilities include truck to rail and rail to truck elevators for bulk commodities, loading docks for box car loading as well as equipment availability for specialty loading or freight that may require cranes for loading or unloading.

Trucking: If you need assistance getting your products to or from our trans load facilities, we can coordinate and provide trucking service.  We have access to almost any type of truck and trailer.  No job is too large or small.  Our relationships with Rick Franklin Corp. and Ram Trucking will help us get your goods on or off the rail.

Rail Construction / Maintenance: Rick Franklin Corporation is our trusted rail contractor.  If you own or operate industry track / spur facilities and need repair, upgrades or expansion, the AERC can coordinate the work with Rick Franklin Corp. to get you pricing on the work you need.  Rick Franklin Corp. has been a trusted contractor for the Union Pacific Railroad for over 30 years so you can be sure the job will be done right, on time and on budget by a qualified, experienced contractor.


Santiam Excursion Trains: 

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