Transportation Solutions for the Mid Willamette Valley and Beyond

The Albany & Eastern Railroad is a short line railroad serving the mid Willamette Valley, interconnecting with BOTH the BNSF and Union Pacific Railroads.  Our unique ability to interchange with both Class 1 railroads in the west allows us to offer an added level of service to our customers and expands their ability to reach markets throughout the US.  In addition, we offer reload / trans load facilities on both the east (Lebanon, OR.) and west (South Corvallis) sides of the Willamette Valley to meet the needs of our non-rail served customers throughout the area.  Just because your business or facility is not located on a rail line does not mean you cannot take advantage of the tremendous transportation savings offered by rail, not to mention the environmental benefits of rail transportation.  Give us a call to find out how your business could benefit by utilizing the largest, most efficient transportation network in the country.

Tariff Update Notice

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2021 Tariff

2021 Tarrif Letter